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Inner Heart Peace Chant

Thursday, April 7, 2011 at 2:22pm
Hello Beautiful souls, I have just channelld a small chant excercise for you all.
Here are the words in the language of the angels.
These sounds of vibration bring inner heart peace.
Em yano em te se ke ne se tiem. Um a no yem te si em te siem .
Chant them 3 times and feel your heart expand.
Here is the link to the recording i have just made for you all to chant along with me.

lots of love & light Pina
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Wednesday 21/2/2013
Hello Every here is a link to a song that I recorded this morning under the guidance of Goddess ISIS high Priestess of Atlantis.  This song will help your heart heal from grief in this lifetime and past.  Listen to this song as many times as you feel  necessary.  Lots of love and light Pina
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