One of the most common problems today is lack of energy and running out of energy during the day.
Below are some tips that I have found has helped myself and my clients.

Drinking Plenty Of Water
Many people don't realise that water is a key factor in helping our body energised and continue functioning at an optimum level. Keeping it simple, we need a minimum of 1.5 - 2 litres of water per day for the average person. If you have a lot of stress in your life, have a very physical job, do lots of exercise or your weight is above what it should be, then drink a bit more water.  If we are not drinking much water in the morning, by the afternoon our body becomes sluggish and starts to slow down, as our body can not get rid of the toxins it produces. If you are not drinking a lot of water at the moment, donít try to drink 2 litres on your first day of making your decision to change.  You need to increase your water intake gradually, otherwise it will go straight through your body and you will be going to the toilet frequently.  If you increase your water by 250ml per day until you achieve the 2 litres, your body will start to utilise it and re-hydrate. 

Our body is like a dry pot plant when we donít drink enough, if you pour a large quantity of water in a dry pot plant - it goes straight through to the bottom.   So start gradually and re- hydrate, everything will function better - and even your skin will look healthier.

Make sure your nutrition is balanced
We all have very busy, hectic and some of us very stressful lives.  So what happens is, we tend to skip meals or just pick up a biscuit or settle fast food.  How do you know that you are getting what you need?  You may   believe you are eating healthy, but how do you know how long the fruit and vegetables you are eating have been in storage? More and more people are turning to supplementing their daily nutrition with some sort of vitamin or health drink to help them get the extra nutrition into their body.  I have been using vitamin supplements on a daily basis now for  well over 5 years and I have found that I feel better when I do. 

The biggest mistake people make is to not have breakfast. You have probably heard this so many times before but it is the most important meal of the day. You need a balanced healthy breakfast to kick start your body into gear in the morning.  Iím sorry to say but a cup of coffee and toast just doesnít cut it.  You need to have something from the 5 food groups to start your day and fuel your body up. Too many people are just not making the right food choice for their bodies. Have a healthy breakfast and watch your energy levels sustain longer during the day.

Keep your energy centres (chakras) balanced and clear
To learn some basics about our energy centres click here Chakra basics.  We have 7 major energy centres that most people know about.  We actually have more but I will concentrate on the common 7. The image in the pyramid above shows you generally where they are and the colour associated with it. There are many ways you can balance your chakras.  One of the ways that I find very effective is through a quick meditation (full chakra balancing meditation coming soon to this website) or wearing the colour clothing that relates to that chakra. The clothing doesnít need to be visible it can even be your under garments.  Using specific crystals on the specific chakras to balance them (basic crystal healing page coming soon to this website). Using a singing bowl (singing bowl healing coming soon to this website) to balance your chakras works deep at a cellular level through sound and vibration healing. When you have these three steps under control in your life you will find you will have an abundance of energy and are able to cope with life easier.

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Tips on improving your health and well being.
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