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All Material s published on this website belong to Angelic Divine Universal Healing
I am surrounded by the divine protective light of Archangel Michael.
Arch Angel Michael I accept your divine white light protection against all negativity, surround me in your cocoon of protective white divine light.

I am the divine violet light of god, which provides eternal healing
of the past present and future.

I heal through the healing light of gods eternal violet flame,
in love, peace and happiness.

God I am ready to heal all aspects of my life through the absorption of your violet flame of healing.  My life is full of love peace and happiness. I call upon Jesus, Saint Germain and all other legions of the violet flame , to transmute  all imperfect energies, according to the will of God.

I am sealing this affirmation and healing in perfect divine love from
the heart of God in all aspects of my life and consciousness. 
It is done in the divine will of God

Thank you and Amen
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