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Caution: This CD features meditation/visualization exercises that renders it inappropriate for use while driving or operating machinery.
Meditation with the Angels MP3 download $15 AUD
This is a 50 minute meditation channeled by Pina in the Divine Angelic Light Language. If you have enjoyed some of the angel songs on this website then this CD is for you.
Use it for meditation, rebalancing the energy in your home, lifting your energy if you are feeling down or for chakra balancing. This Cd will help you clear stubborn blockages by cutting through consciousness and communicating directly to your soul through the high vibrational sound of light Language.  You  can also use this cd to assist in removing negative energy from your home and replacing the energy in your home with pure love.
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Cave Of Abundance And Healing MP3 download $15 AUD
Track 1 - Cave Of Abundance And Healing Meditation (57min) - This guided meditation has the sounds of a waterfall, both Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and the chanelling of Angelic language.

Track 2 - Chakra Balancing With The Singing Bowls (20min) - Sound meditation with the sound of a gentle flowing waterfall, both Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls. Use this track to relax, balance your chakras with the sounds, meditate or even just to relax the energy in your home.

Manifesting with Mother Nature Guided Meditation MP3 download $15 AUD
This CD is a 1 hour guided meditation into helping you manifest your goals and dreams with mother nature.  During the meditation you will also receive a healing and assist in helping to send healing.
The Music is relaxing and helps with balancing your chakras during the meditation
Click on the play button to hear a sample
Click on the play button to hear a sample
Click on the play button to hear a sample
Relaxation and Meditation Music MP3 download $15 AUD
This is the sound track on the manifesting with Mother Nature guided Meditation. You can use this music to relax, balance energy in your home, use it in your healing practice, or even just use it to balance your chakras. 1 hour sound track.
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Chakra Balancing CD MP3 download $15 AUD
Balance your chakras by relaxing in your own home and have an orchestra of bowls do the work for you.  This Cd is made to balance your common 8 chakras and also some not so common ones which need awakening.  With in the 9 tracks there are sounds that will also work on your Earth chakra, Atlantean Causal chakra, Duality chakra, Zeal point, all chambers of the Heart chakra, Stellar Gate Way chakra and also all your Minor chakras (Most of the non common chakras are part of the Atlantean Chakra System which is now awakening).

Use this CD as back ground music to balance and cleanse the energy in your home or office.  Also as you play it to balance your chakras or even just to relax to, you will be helping to send the rainbow vibration around the planet to help the Divine realm and Mother Nature with earth healing and balancing

The CD has healing sounds of a blend of 40 bowls (crystal and tibetan) played in a series of beats to activate, open, balance, regenerate and then seal each chakra and groups of chakras)
Goddess and Angels Heart and Soul Songs and Chants MP3 download $15 AUD
This relaxation and meditation CD is sung in Angelic and Ancient Language, which delivers healing and energy directly to the heart and soul. The back ground sounds mainly consist of singing bowls and drums, this CD  features chanellings from Isis, Mother Mary, Quan (Kwan) Yin, Medince Woman, Earth Goddess, Gaia and various Angels.

Use it to meditate with or just to have playing as backround music.
Click on the play button to hear a sample
Click on the play button to hear a sample
Sleep Sweet Baby Sleep MP3 download $15 AUD
This relaxation CD has 6 tracks. One track is sung in Angelic Ancient Language and guided in English, the other 5 tracks are chanelled keyboard sounds. These tracks   delivers healing and relaxation energy directly to the heart and soul, to relax all souls from birth through to adult.

It has been chanelled to help souls relax and sleep

Use it to meditate with or just to have playing as background music.

Here is one testimonial- After only 3 days of my 10 month old son listening to Sleep Sweet Baby Sleep he knows the music is his sleep cue. He settles quickly, is more relaxed while in bed and now falls asleep within 5-10 minutes. He enjoys having a sing to the first track.
I know now not to forget to put the CD on, I only forgot the once and he was not happy until the music started.
Fantastic, I highly recommend this CD, ( plus its relaxing for the parents too).
NIKKI, mother to Jackson, (10 months old) .
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Gifts From Queen ISIS MP3 download $20 AUD Aprox. 55min
This CD was brought to you by the energy of Queen ISIS. Pina Di Ghionno is a Channel for all aspects of Queen/Goddess and High Priestess ISIS, Mother Mary and Quan Yin. The energy behind this CD is to open your  heart and unlock and clear,  from your soul memory, that which is slowing you down. The Songs are bringing in the higher vibrational sounds and light from the outer dimensions of our galaxy to assist you on your life journey. The Songs anchor in the balance of Yin and Yang and unlock the goddess within you, whether you are male or female.  We all need the balance to become one. The three tracks at the end of this CD will help you create a goddess awakening routine with which you can gently dance to daily. This whole CD  will assist in unlocking the freedom within you.

Track 1- Gifts from Queen Isis2.47
Track 2- True Light4.25
Track 3- Pearls of Wisdom3.39
Track 4- Intergalactic Connection4.03
Track 5- Path of Unconditional Love4.52
Track 6-Higher Consciousness5.21
Track 7- Illuminated Time Journey3.57
Track 8- The Union of 5th Dimensional Consciousness3.38
Track 9- A Universe of Peace, Light and Freedom4.55
Track 10- Returning To Our True Home2.56
Track 11- Goddess Connection5.00
Track 12 - Goddess Awakening4.51
Track 13 - Goddess Balance5.04