What Are Crystals (gem stones)

I'm not going to go into the scientific definition of what a crystal is, you can find that at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystal. What I want to talk about is the power of these beautiful so called stones that Mother Nature has created for us over millions of years.
They are amazing healing tools, energy generators and record keepers.

Crystals have been used by humans for well over 38000 years.  To the point where entire cities were powered by them, thousands of years ago. They have also been used since the beginning of time for jewellery.

It is wonderful to see that more and more people are starting to use crystals (gem stones) for personal use and well being. As parents we are finding that more and more children are drawn to them, due to the gem stones healing abilities.

How to use Crystals

As I mentioned above, crystals have many uses. They are not just used by healers and spiritual people. They are used in watches, computers, lasers, radios, as crystal gems, sandpaper, soap, prisms, glass, paints and clocks. Quartz (a type of crystal) is used for radar, radios and TVs because it conducts electricity. Well over 38000 years ago Atlantis was run on the power generated by quartz.

Crystals can be carried around with us as jewellery, key rings, phone charms or small tumbled stones in our pockets, purses, bags or for women even in our bras.  Some are calming, some provide protection against electromagnetic smog or negative energy, some have a gentle and loving vibration and make us feel calm.

Every crystal has its own little personality.  There could be 2 of the same type of crystal side by side but one feels nicer to you than the other.  This is because each and every crystal has its own unique energy just like each one of us is different.  Even twins have something that is unique about them.

You can use crystals to help relieve pain just by putting the crystal on the spot where the pain is coming from. It feels calming and as though the pain is being drawn into the crystal.

Simple ways to Choose Crystals

There are many crystal books around that explain the many properties and uses of crystals.  Something that I advise my clients is don't look at what the crystal books say it does.  Choose the crystal that you feel drawn to.

Normally the first crystal you pick up in a crystal shop is the one that wants to work with you.  Remember each crystal has its own personality so they choose you. When the crystal has done its job with you, sometimes it tends to leave you.  It might break or you might lose it for someone else to find or you feel compelled to give it to another person.

If your crystal breaks there are a few things you can do.
1. Wash it in some sea salt water (to transmute any negative energy absorbed, back into loving energy), rinse it and put it in your pot plants
2. Bury it in your garden and send them back to Mother Nature.
3. Toss them into the ocean back to Mother Nature.

Crystals work way beyond what is written on paper. Trust your self instinct that the crystal you have just picked is for you.

If a crystal draws you to it and is just standing out way beyond any other, then that is the one for you. Even when you pick it up and you start to get a sick feeling in your tummy or you put it straight down, then that is a sign that that crystal will help you break though a blockage that has been slowing you down.  Its energy is starting to stir unwanted feelings with in you.

What to do after you choose your crystals

Ok, you have now got your crystals.  The first thing to do is to make it completely yours so we are going to transmute any negative energy that the crystal has absorbed from the shop and people handling it back into loving energy.

There are several ways you can do this. I'm not going to cover all the different ways just a few that I most frequently use and are very simple to do.

1. Hold the crystal over some clearing incense with the intent of transmuting any negative energy to positive and loving energy. Surround the crystal with incense smoke from north to south then west to east. You only need to surround it between 1-3 times, you be the judge. This process will cleanse as well as charge the crystal at the same time (suitable for all crystals).

2. Put it in moon light.  The moonlight has a beautiful loving, healing and gentle energy.  Put your crystals on your window sill and allow the moon light to transmute the negative energy and also charge it at the same time (suitable for all crystals).

3. Place your crystals on a quartz cluster. This will also clear and
re-energise your crystal. You can leave it on the cluster from a few hours to a few days, depending on how much your crystal gets used.  Please cover the cluster with a fine white cloth so that your crystals don't get scratched (suitable for all crystals).

4. Most people get told to wash the crystals in some sea salt water (either from the ocean or make up about 250ml of water with 1 teaspoon of sea salt). Please note that not all crystals can be washed. For example selenite, desert rose, pearls, turquoise, opals and lapis lazuli to name a few (Please note this is a harsher process as the salt can sometimes damage the more delicate crystals).

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