What is a Sound, Energy & Crystal Bath Evening?

It is a group healing through Sounds, Energy (Angels, Ascended Masters and Goddess)
And Crystals. Soul Songs activating and bringing in energy from the Outer realms of our Universe, Lemuria and Atlantis, aligned with Unconditional love, guided by Queen ISIS, Goddesses, Ascended Masters, Archangels and all Love and Light guides of the Universe.
The sounds that will be produced are Angelic voices singing in the
Ancient healing language of God and the divine realm, Crystal harp/ xylophone, 8 Singing Quartz Pyramids 60 singing bowls (crystal and Tibetan) 
5 Gongs, healing drums, Ting shaws (Tibetan symbols)  various
rattles, tuning forks etc. The energy is of high and pure vibration.
I will be bringing in energy from the ancient realms, Lemuria,  Atlantis  etc
This healing unlocks and clears blockages, balances your chakra’s and Aura, clears past live that are ready to be released, balancing your yin and yang, and much more
Bring a bottle of water, a pillow, sleeping bag, yoga mat or rug to lay on the floor, what ever you need to be comfortable laying or sitting for 2 hours (no blow up mattress)(chairs
are also available)

Held At
Isean Crystals, Gifts & Wellness Centre
111 Main South Rd
O'Halloran Hill SA
Ph:08 72883044
Parents are welcome to hang out in the shop if they like and have a cupper.xxx

Children 8 to 13 years of age $33 (45min - 1 hr session)

Time: 2.00pm to 3.00pm- Doors open at 1.30pm

Limited numbers pre-registration and payment essential For all sessions
(non refundable)

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