What Is an Atlantean Master Crystal attunement and Healing?

At Isean Crystals we are changing things with our healings and energy up grades. Due to Covid Pina can't deliver the quarterly ascension upgrades that were previously delivered through the sound baths.
We now have 6 massage tables permanently set up in the sound healing room. The Atlantean master crystal attunement and healing delivers a balancing and a clearing, also with a channelled guided meditation we are transported to a time period where the energy of the planet was vibrating at its peak and all was powered by crystals. There where healing temples in that time period that held master crystals that helped us keep our body vibrating at its highest potential. The master crystal holds codes and information to help our DNA and energy system to grow and strengthen. This attunement and healing is recommended every 8 to 12 weeks as during the process we have our own master crystal that will be upgraded for us to continue using at home.  These master crystals can be purchased from the shop at the counter ($10 for two crystal that are used, you only need to purchase once) For those beautiful souls that have attended my sound baths in the past you can use the ones you already own

During this healing and energy attunement divine light codes will also be delivered to you through fractals.
Be prepared to be transported to an amazing place of relaxation and healing through sound, energy crystals and colour healing, with the sounds of 34 quartz crystal singing bowls, 60 Tibetan singing bowls, the magical sounds of the Crystal Harp, 6 Gongs, 6 drums, tuning forks etc. You also receive a very powerful healing through the channelling of Healing Soul songs In Light Language from the Divine Angels, Goddesses and Ascended Masters. This type of healing cuts through all consciousness and heals the soul faster and more precisely than with modern day language.

A minimum of 2 people need to register for the healing to go ahead. If you have registered and nobody else registers you have the option of moving to another session or keeping it for a personal one on one appointment.
Please Note
All sessions need to be paid at time of registration otherwise your booking will not be secured.  No Refunds on Cancellations. You can transfer to another Person.
Must have either attended at least one of Pina's Group sound healings in the last year or have had 1 healing sessions with her (group or individual)
This is due to the ascension attunement energy that will be coming through, if you have not had prior healings with Pina detox may be intense.

Venue: 111 Main South Rd O'Halloran Hill SA 5158
Phone: 08 72883044

Min 2 people  max. 6 people $111 per Person

May 2024

Saturday 18/05/2024

Limited numbers pre-registration and payment essential.
(non refundable, transferable to another person)

Please call the Shop to register and pay over the phone

Ph: 08 72883044

or register in person at

Isean Crystals, Gifts and Wellness Center
111 Main South Rd O'Halloran Hill SA 5158

Please do not drink alcohol 24hours  prior and after this event
Please do not consume recreational drug 24hours prior and after  this event

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